Men’s Ballet Patterns is excited to create patterns that assist you with designing costumes for all dancers in male rolls.

Men’s Ballet Patterns is a division of Tutu Etoile and MensBalletCostumes.com. Our 20 plus years creating dance costumes has afforded us the experience to fine tune the fit necessary for your dancer to move effortlessly throughout their performance.

We boast the largest selection in styles of men and boy’s patterns in the U.S.

Our tunics have great ease of movement! For instance, our structured 1 & 2-piece sleeves are designed with a built-in gusset under the arm that can be paired with a Lycra underbody. Lycra facings are included if an underbody seems too bulky for the fabric that you select. Additionally, all of our patterns are alterable.

Each pattern is offered with optional elements to allow you more flexibility with your design. The decision to break down each feature “ala carte” style was made solely to assist in the affordability and customization of your costume.

We invite you to meet our interactive dancer Ivan to design your custom pattern.