2-5 costumes receive 5%, 6-10 costumes receive 10%, 11- 15 or more receive 15%, 16 or more receive 20%. Discounted costumes must be ordered in the same style and color. Custom options are not included. No discount will be given when deadline is less than 4 weeks. However, if we are able produce your costumes earlier than 4 weeks we will honor the discount. Discounted orders are to be paid in full when placing your order.

Classical Rehearsal Skirt; 5% discount for 8 – 11 pieces, 10% discount for 12 or more pieces.

Off Season Discounts

10% Discount for 2 – 5 pieces
15% Discount for 6 - 11 pieces
20% Discount for 12+ pieces

  1. Discounts apply to undecorated costumes listed on our price list, except Classical Rehearsal Skirts.
  2. Costumes must be ordered in the same style and color.
  3. Options are not included.
  4. Delivery time is 2 - 8 weeks (based on the size of your order) from the time your order is received by Tutu Etoile.
  5. Orders must be post marked or faxed within the months of April 1 - Aug 1.
  6. All orders are to be paid in full at the time the order is placed. Master Card and Visa is accepted.
  7. You must complete the order form, worksheet and measurement chart/s when placing your order.

Order Information

All orders must be placed by fax or mail and include the order form, worksheet and measurement chart(s). All orders are processed on a first come, first served basis. All payments may be made by check or credit card. When placing your order a minimum deposit of 50% is required with the remaining balance received before your order is shipped, or payment in full is accepted. Please allow 2-8 weeks delivery depending upon the size of your order. Please call for current delivery date’s as we may be able to ship earlier than noted.

No changes or cancellations will be permitted once your order is received. As your costumes are custom made, no returns will be accepted. Tutu Etoile stands behind the manufacture of their products under normal wear. In the event of situations beyond our control, Tutu Etoile will not be held responsible for any damages and/or cancellations beyond the moneys paid by the purchaser to Tutu Etoile.

Order Forms, Order Form Worksheet, Catalog and Measurements Charts can be printed from the Printable Catalog and Order Forms section.